LICENSEBOX is a broad based merchandising, marketing and licensing company representing some of the most recognized celebrities and properties in the world. One of the key responsibilities of LICENSEBOX is to protect the image rights of Hollywood icons. LICENSEBOX ensures the fair and legal representation of its clients through the proper endorsement and marketing venues. In addition, LICENSEBOX creates its own merchandising and marketing programs through an in-house design division and affiliations with publishing, film, theatrical, and television through its parent company and specializes in creating unique multi-faceted programs to build brands in all media and product outlets, as well as creating and managing innovative web exposure for its clients.


Licensing LICENSEBOX operates a licensing division for celebrities and lifestyle properties. With over 30 properties and programs available for licensing and endorsements, the licensing division continues to have an impact in the industry.


On behalf of its clients, LICENSEBOX made deals with Bank of America, Apple, Gillette, Hallmark, SONY/BMG, Turner Classic Movies, Hasbro, Dolce & Gabana, Peter Max, Mercedes Benz, America Remembers, Advanced Graphics, MBI, Inc., DonRuss, Krone Pens, and many others.


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