MODA Entertainment is a New York based, full service, multi-media entertainment company that combines the highest work standards in the industry with an unparalleled commitment to its clients and its projects. At MODA's core is a dedicated effort to promote Classic Hollywood - both the era and its icons - to its fullest extent and to make it appealing to the widest audience. MODA focuses its varied projects to specified target audiences ages 8 to 80.


MODA consists of five subsidiary companies, providing the marketing and promotional tools to achieve the company's primary purpose. They cover production, publishing, merchandising & licensing, public relations and exploitation of Classic Hollywood history in all media for a digital age. Each subsidiary is designed to stand alone in serving the company's clients, properties and projects, but all work in a symbiotic relationship which reinforces and is a requirement for the fulfillment of the other projects.

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MODA Entertainment, Inc. incorporated June 1997, was formed with a singular vision and a unique passion: To bring back into focus the legendary entertainment names of yesteryear and define to a contemporary audience the importance and ongoing influence in our popular culture of Classic Hollywood and how it deserves our attention and respect.



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