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MODA Productions is currently developing it's newest internet television initiative. ICONS Internet TV is an internet channel that will allow classic movie fans access to a wide variety of specialty programming, including: classic movies, original documentaries, trailers and featurettes. The site will also provide movie news and a shop where fans can purchase Classic Hollywood merchandise. An additional feature is “my ICONSTV Community”, where fans can share their love of Classic Hollywood and its stars with others, by participating in discussions, games and more!

ICONS Internet TV is the latest in a series of concepts developed by MODA Entertainment to highlight its vision of bringing back into focus the legendary show business names of yesteryear and to define to a contemporary audience the importance, and influence in our popular culture of Classic Hollywood, and how it is deserving of our attention and respect.

Through its various resources, ICONS Internet TV strives to keep these great movie performers prominent in the public consciousness by celebrating the glamour and celebrity of a Hollywood now gone.

Content: ICONS Internet TV currently has over 200 hours of original programming that has never been seen before. It also has access to the Classic Hollywood Estates private collection of home movies.


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