MODA takes the forefront in producing first-rate original films, broadcast programming, documentaries, live events, radio and internet content.


Our motion picture lineup combines production ingenuity and superior talent with entertaining and provocative stories collected from our impressive library of screenplays and property rights. Upcoming features include the epic fantasy Dante’s Inferno and the thriller Checkmate.


The ICONS Radio Hour, hosted by movie expert and documentary film producer John Mulholland, presents fascinating weekly interviews with celebrities and the families of the famous, along with other knowledgeable insiders, to provide both professional and are personal glimpses into Classic Hollywood. Past guests have included film icons Eli Wallach, Joan Leslie, Farley Granger, along with the children of Lou Costello, Boris Karloff, Gene Kelly and Jack Lemmon.


MODA Entertainment is has introduced ICONS Internet TV, a new concept in technology designed to promote a renewed appreciation of Classic Hollywood and its cinematic icons. ICONS Internet TV is an internet network that will allow classic movie fans access to a wide variety of specialty programming, including: movies, original documentaries, trailers, and featurettes. The site will also provide movie news and an online shop where fans and collectors can purchase Classic Hollywood merchandise. An additional interactive feature is “my ICONSTV Community”, where fans can share their love of Classic Hollywood and its stars with others, plus participate in discussions, games and more!


MODA Productions has been responsible for the creation of entertaining and well-researched documentaries: Bogie and Huston: Quite Irreplaceable, highlights the friendship and memorable screen collaborations of the legendary actor and director; Cooper and Hemingway: The True Gen, which details the intriguing 20-year friendship between Academy Award-winning actor Gary Cooper and Nobel Prize- winning author Ernest Hemingway; and the documentary Inside High Noon, a commentary into the political controversy that continues to surround this classic Western.


In addition, MODA has contributed other Special Bonus Features to the DVD releases of some of Hollywood’s most enduring and endearing motion pictures, including Casablanca, Gaslight, High Noon, Meet Me in St. Louis and Sergeant York. These features consist of fascinating behind-the-scenes stories by knowledgeable experts.


MODA LIVE! Productions focus on theatrical productions, staged and special events, classic film screenings, and festivals. Recently MODA played host to a special screenings of Casablanca (60th anniversary), High Noon (50th anniversary), and Shane (50th anniversary).

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