PublicityBox Public Relations & Marketing is a results orientated PR firm focusing on publicity and positioning for its clients to maximize image development and media placements. The firm, with offices in New York and Los Angeles, takes pride in developing a customized approach with is clients an their representatives as well as maintaining close relationships with industry media.


In 2004, the principals of Selah Media, Inc. and MODA Entertainment, Inc. came together to merger the public relations and marketing sectors of their two companies, which were responsible for all publicity agenda and tasks for actors/celebrities now working as producers, or retired or deceased. PublicityBox concentrates highly on Classic Hollywood and its ICONS.


It was determined that the merger would better serve the clients by dedicating a more precise level of service to the clients, whose needs were growing as more outlets for licensing publicity coverage and money-making opportunities were presented and sought by the individual firms.


It is the mission of PUBLICITYBOX to serve the needs of its current clients, and to set goals for growth with regard to the client base and services offered. PUBLICITYBOX provides customized pricing and services to meet your publicity needs.

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